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Player RuleZ
1. No text spam or skill spam in towns.

2. No chat rooms in the main streets of Prontera. Set your chatboxes on the sidewalks (the grass area)

3. Respect the staff and the decisions of the staff. Insulting or disrespecting a GM may result in a ban or jailed.

4. No botting programs or third-party programs are allowed. Anyone who are caught breaking this rules may be heavily punished.

5. No bug abuse. If you come across a bug, report it to a GM or report it on the forums (Bug section).

6. No verbal harassment towards other players on this server.

7. No kill stealing or looting.

8. We do not replace lost items caused by disconnections. This includes pets.

9. No begging for zeny or deal spamming anyone. You may politely ask, but no repeating.

10. Do not advertise other private servers. We're -all- trying to maintain a stable community.

11. No cross trading between other servers/games (trading items between other games or private servers). We will not support hacked char's through this.

12. Curse words may be used in character names as long as it does not offend anyone.
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