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1. You must never give out your password, and ensure that you are the only one with access to your GM account.

2. You must not help players to gain an advantage over other players.

3. You must not distribute items that were either given to you by Admin or looted from a GM-spawned monster.

4. You must enforce the rules and avoid violating them yourself. If it is your first time punishing a user for a specific offense, contact the Admin and let them know what you did.

5. Do not run events while others are in progress (e.g. during WoE).

6. You must not promise items or services which have not been approved by the Admin.

7. If you are away for an extended period please notify the Admin by email or forums.

8. You must not do anything that would be considered by the Admin as unethical or bad for the server.

9. Be polite to everyone - always remain calm and use appropriate language.

10. As a GM, you must be 100% unbiased.

11. Your legit characters will gain no benefits from your GM status.

12. Do not punish players who break the rules against your legit. Submit a report like all other players are expected to.

13. Do not overlook rules for specific players (i.e. friends).

14. Legits must stay legit. Any advantage, item, Zeny or information obtained as a GM must stay on that GM.

15. Breaking any of these rules is likely to result in a block of both GM and legit account.

16. Avoid typos and spelling errors as much as possible in global announcements.

17. GMs will not disclose personal information of any other players.

18. GMs that threaten to leave the server for any reason will result in GM account suspension and legit account check.
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